Frequently asked questions

How to request a ride?

  1. Open the App and tap ‘’choose pickup location’’ (The app will automatically select your current location via GPS).

  2. In case you want to change location, type your pickup location.

  3. Confirm rider numbers.

  4. Select your category.

  5. And tap on confirm.

Is there any fix fare?

No! fare will be shown after you enter your drop-off location.

Can I pay after I reach my destination?        ​

Yes! You can pay after your ride.

How many persons can ride at a time?

Only 3 persons can ride at a time.

Can I ride out of Kurnool?

No! We Serve only in Kurnool City currently.

How Can I change the language?

You can change the language by following these steps:

Go to Settings > tap on language and select your desired language.

Is there a Cancellation fee?

There is no cancellation fee.

How long it will take after booking a ride?

You can see driver current location and estimated time in your app.

Can I call the driver after ride confirmation?

Yes, call routine option is available. You can call the driver after ride confirmation.

Can I track driver after booking a ride?

Yes! You can track driver current location in the application interface.