4inall’s Health Safety Commitment

To keep our community safe,4inall now requires all riders and drivers to agree to the Health Safety Commitment. You can do this in your  4inall app before taking a ride.


To continue using 4inall, riders and drivers must agree to the following:

  • Don’t ride or drive if you have COVID-19, think you have it, or have related symptoms

  • Wear a face covering

  • Keep vehicle clean, and sanitize your hands frequently

  • Leave the front seat empty

  • Open windows

  • Avoid recirculated air


We may ask you to take a photo of yourself wearing your face covering before your next ride.

Account suspensions

Any time we receive feedback that a user did not follow 4inall’s Health Safety guidelines, the user is notified of the reported violation. 

If a user continues violating the guidelines multiple times, a temporary suspension may be placed on the user’s account while we investigate.