Auto Rickshaws are an important part of urban mobility and a step to improving sustainable transportation, as well as quality of life in Indian cities.

Auto rickshaws are ubiquitous to mobility options in many Indian
cities. To expand transportation choices for our riders, we are excited
to launch Auto Rickshaw service in Kurnool.


In case the auto rickshaw service becomes successful in kurnool,
4inall is expected to roll out the auto rickshaw service in other cities


4inall will only on-board licensed, existing auto-drivers who have been
screened and accredited by the authorities and every driver partner on
auto rickshaw will be required to submit valid government documents
before they are given access to the 4inall app.


The auto rickshaw riders will be able to pay via cash, and Paytm.

Integrating auto rickshaw services as a feeder mode
complements public transportation systems, ensuring connectivity and
easy access throughout the city. Auto rickshaws also bridge the gap
between public transport and door-to-door services, providing an
alternative to private vehicles.


** Working Hours: Services &app; Support will be enabled from 5.00 Am to 10.00 PM.